Theatrical Inflatable's

Inflatable K1 boxers

Made for "It's showtime" kick boxing promotions, these two, six and a half meter colossi towered over the public. Using computer software these are two the most complex patterns we have yet produced and the results are two very cool and anatomically detailed torsos. The figures were placed on either side of the stage and the fighters made their entrance between them, walked the catwalk to the boxing ring. Our monstrous blowup boxers are painted with a design of squares and triangles to break up the roundness that is associated with inflatable's helping to give the feeling of massive solid objects.

Giant hands for Hans klok

12m inflatable hands made for the Las Vegas stage show for the popular illusionist Hans Klok. The hands are painted to resemble light reflected on aluminum, so describing more detail in the model than there actually was. During the show the hands held two inflatable video screens where the audience could see what Hans and his lovely assistant Pamela Anderson were up to, in detail.

Musicals in Ahoy Wings

60m wide double skinned inflatable made for the musical gala 'Musicals in Ahoy' in 2006. The second skin was made of lycra and attached using velcro.The wings could open and close over the stage, and were used to great effect as a projection screen. Huge pneumatic cylinders were used to open and close the 20m wings, within which was a lightweight steel construction.

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Santa musical

12m inflatable Dragon and inflatable christmas decorations made for the traveling theatrical musical 'Santa'. The dragon ate up members of the cast before 'melting' at the end to the delight of the children. The giant christmas baubles and decorations could be quickly deflated and pulled up into the track system above.

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Inflatable teddy bear

Giant 5m teddy bear prop made as double skinned inflatable with long hairy fur as the second skin. This bear was used in a theatrical production, it is a perfect scale replica of a smaller bear used in the show, at a certain point the main character shrinks, and as a result all the props grew, including the bear.


Rather frightening inflatable vagina, made for theater production by Arjan Ederveen in the Netherlands. The monster was blown up on the stage and burst out of a cupboard, to devour the main character. The huge vulva made a very dramatic entrance, see the video linked below.

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Inflatable painted drips

Three six meter inflatable drips made for a contemporary performance of Shakespeare's 'As you like it'. The texture that has been painted on the objects comes from the marbled inside cover of a book. The image was distorted, bent and stretched to fit the drip shape. We achieved this in an early stage of the manufacture. Using software we were able to distort the image and draw it on to the pattern pieces before they were sewn together. Design by Marc Warning.